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Customer Service Charter

The Customs & Excise Division has launched it's Customer Service Charter on January 26, 2013. Below are the Ten (10) Service Commitments and Customer Service Standards.
Our Ten Service Commitments
In delivering our services, we promise to honour the Division's “Ten Service Commitments”:
1.   To treat our co-workers, colleagues and managers as we would a member of the Public.
2.   To know our jobs and deliver our tasks competently.
3.   To know the Division.
4.   To have a general knowledge of our island group: Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.
5.   To smile.
6.   To greet everyone we meet.
7.   To treat your concern as our concern.
8.   To follow up on everything.
9.   To treat complaints as opportunities for improvement.
10.   To under-promise and over-deliver.
Our Customer Service Standards
Service Principles:
Service Standards:
Face-to-face communication 
We will assist you promptly.
We will attend to you within 1 minute of your arrival.
If the Officer, with whom you are dealing, is busy, a Colleague will attend to you within 2 minutes of your arrival.
If nobody is available to attend to you within 1 minute, your presence will be acknowledged, the nature of your query asked and you will be directed to the correct office within 2 minutes of your arrival.
If the person you need to see is busy with another Customer, you will be respectfully requested to wait a few minutes until the Officer is available to attend to you. If another Officer becomes available s/he will attend to you promptly and professionally.
We will be courteous, professional and helpful.
We will greet you on your arrival, smile and acknowledge you by addressing you by your surname.  If it is the first time we are dealing with you, and we do not know your name, we shall respectfully ask you to identify yourself.
We shall at all times be neatly dressed and groomed
We shall at all times use our knowledge and skills in a competent manner.
We will endeavour to assist you and not send you from pillar to post, but rather we shall out what you should do, if we don’t know.
We will ask you all the necessary & relevant information – the first time around.
We undertake to make every effort not to waste your time.
We will ask you the information you require in a factual and professional manner
We will give you all the correct & relevant information – the first time around.
We will share information with you in a factual and professional manner.
If we do not have the information, we shall find it and revert to you within a reasonable time-frame.
We will be accessible, and this will reflect in the language we use and in our attitudes.
We will avoid telling you either with our words or with our attitudes:
  1. I don’t know!
  2. I don’t care!
  3. I don’t like you!
  4. I know it all!
  5. We don’t want your kind here!
  6. Don’t come back!
  7. Hurry up and wait!
Instead we promise:
  1. To say: “I don’t know but that I am going to find out and will get right back to you!”.
  2. To show empathy in all our dealings.
  3. To treat you as we would like to be treated.
  4. To ask questions &actively listen to you and to never assume.
  5. To treat every Customer with respect.
  6. To make your experience in our Division such a pleasant one that you would want to come back.
  7. To respect your time because we understand that every delay in receiving your goods or services may be a loss in business for you, our valued Customer.
Indirect communication
We will be accessible by telephone during business hours.
Any telephone in the Division will be answered within four rings by an Officer. 
If the person you are trying to make contact with is not at his / her desk we undertake that a colleague / co-worker will answer the absent Officer’s phone within four rings.
We will respond to your telephone message within one business day.
Our telephones will be answered promptly and professionally.
When we answer any Divisional telephone, we shall provide you with our name, the section you have reached and greet you, e.g.: “Cargo Control Unit, Mr. Kirani James speaking. How may I help you?”
We shall ask you your name, e.g.: “May I ask who is calling, please?” 
Once we know your name, we shall address you personally and thank you for your call, e.g.: “Mr. Bishop, thank you for calling.”
We shall at all times give priority to the office phone ringing, whether it is an outside call or a call from within the Department or Ministry.
When we divert your call to a different section / Officer, we shall ensure that the telephone is answered, before we ring off, because we value your time.
When we phone you, we has shall be prepared, courteous and professional.
We shall address you personally and provide you with our name, section and the reason for our call, e.g.: “Good day, Mr. Bishop.  This is Kirani James from the EPU Section at Customs & Excise.  I am returning your call, Sir.”
We shall always have pen and paper ready and if we if need to share information with you, or ask you for information, we shall have these readily accessible.
Indirect communication
When we communicate with you via e-mail, we shall be professional, respectful and mindful of language usage.
When writing e-mails, we shall ensure that we use the English language proficiently and therefore will do a spell and grammar check before we send you the e-mail.
We shall ensure that our e-mail correspondence has the correct salutations and structure and that we shall apply the rules of accuracy, brevity and clarity with due diligence.
We will never use expletives, obscene language or an accusatory tone when we write e-mails.
We shall make sure that the recipients are indeed the correct recipients and that the subject line is valid.
If it is possible to contact you via telephone, or face-to-face, we shall always try and use voice as our first choice of communication.
We will at all times be professional in our conduct.
We will abide by the Division’s Code of Conduct and honour all staff rules.
We are committed to the Division’s values and principles and will at all times conduct all our business with integrity, transparency, equity and courtesy.
We will always give you our personal best.
We will depersonalise conflict that may arise from time to time and resolve it rapidly in a constructive manner.
We shall at all times have both the Customer and the Division’s interests at heart and as such we will work as one team, in order to provide service excellence.
Documentation & Information Handling
We undertake to process all documentation with due diligence and treat your information with the highest level of confidentiality.  We also will make available to you all relevant and up to date information regarding the Division, Legislation, Duties and Taxes.
We shall regularly review and update information to ensure it is current and meets your needs and expectations.
We will scrutinise your entries and pay attention to every detail, so as to ensure that if information is omitted, you will receive only one request for more information.  We undertake to always value your time, as if it were our own.
We will provide you with the complete details of any outstanding requirements.
Your lodged entries will be processed within 48 hours, after receipt of full and final required documentation.
We shall explain the necessary regulations to you with empathy.
We will at all times value your privacy and honour your confidentiality.
Your Feedback
We value compliments, complaints and suggestions.
We will invite feedback and provide appropriate contact details to our Customer.
We will acknowledge Customer feedback within two (2) working days of receipt.
We will resolve Customer feedback received via the web, e-mail and/or the telephone within seven (7) working days.
We will resolve Customer feedback received via Grenada Postal Service, facsimile or courier within ten (10) working days.
We will use your feedback to improve our services.
We will monitor and report on all feedback, and consider this when reviewing and improving our services.


Customs & Excise Division

We are committed to offering a world-class customs clearing service to our customers by delivering excellent customer care. We aim to provide you with easy access to contacts who can deal with your feedback and comments on our service. If you have any general customs related queries our staff can answer your questions so that your customs clearing experience is smooth and trouble-free.


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