Over 100 Guns Destined For Jamaica Intercepted by US Cops

A shipment of over 100 firearms and several rounds of ammunition destined for Montego Bay, Jamaica was recently seized by US customs.The mega bust was made by border protection agents at Miami International Airport in November during a routine inspection on a shipment.

The shipment contained two blue barrels that were said to contain personal effects.

A physical inspection revealed various food items, cat litter, a cardboard box labelled as a four-drawer dresser, and one cardboard box labelled as a television stand.

But further checks revealed that the ‘personal effects’ actually contained two rifles, 115 pistols, 139 magazines, 103 rounds of nine mm ammunition, 50 rounds of .357 ammunition, 50 rounds of .45 ammunition, 24 rounds of .40 ammunition, 40 rounds of .223 ammunition, nine handgun back straps, five magazine parts, three pistol grips, three buttstocks, and weapons parts.

The weapons were scheduled to arrive in Montego Bay from Miami via Kingston.

The Jamaican police are investigating.

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